Get Organizing: 5 Chest Of Drawers We Absolutely Love

chest of drawers

Let’s be honest, no matter how many times you sort your stuff out and organize it properly, you somehow run out of space every time. In the end, you’re left with things overflowing from your cupboard and taking over just about any surface available in the room.

Be it the bedroom, bathroom, dining, living or even the kitchen, the state is pretty much the same. And we totally relate!

Since we’re a little late on organizing things for 2017, it dawned on us a little late that we need some new furniture pieces coming in – especially me! I have hoarded on so many notebooks and novels that now I need a little space where I could tuck them away and not have anyone walking into my room only to be shocked by how messy it looks.

While looking for the right storage furniture, I came across a few chest of drawers that definitely grabbed my attention. But I couldn’t make up my mind and decide on any ‘one’ of them, so I wishlisted them all and decided to share them with you instead. 😉

(You can click on any of the images to get more details on the piece) 

This boho looking chest of drawers 

I simply love how none of the drawers match one another and yet complement each other. The overall look of this piece reminds my boho soul to be a little careless and have fun sometimes. This chest of drawer mixes modern with ethnic and tribal design making it an absolutely unique piece to own. I’m still deciding if I’d like to keep this one in the bedroom, living or the dining area!

This beautiful round chest of drawers 

One thing that everybody is worried about when buying a chest of drawers, is ‘God, would it take too much space in my room?’ I had the same reaction and so decided to look for alternatives to the above design. Considering that I just want to tuck away some knick knacks and have a corner in my room comparatively free, I love how the round design of this piece would fit in! The mahogany finish absolutely has my heart ❤

This white chest of drawers that looks oh-so-modern 

So the general theme of my house uses a lot of earthy tones. And we mix our decor with a few modern elements here and there to break the monotony. Since white’s a favourite a favourite of mine, I ended up wishlisting this chest of drawers as well! I love how it uses just a really simple design and yet is able to add so much chic to the space.

This minimalistic wooden chest of drawers 

Like I said, I have a thing for wooden pieces. From the flooring to the paneling of walls in my room, they are all in natural wooden shades. It reminds me of that cozy little cottage I keep wanderlusting over in magazines! This piece by LifeEstyle had my attention for two reasons – it isn’t too wide and won’t take up much room in any space; the contemporary design would fit into just about any room beautifully!

This raw looking chest of drawers

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a DIY enthusiast with no time at hand to try out all those DIYs I keep saving in a folder. This The Attic chest of drawers got wishlisted simply because of its raw look. I love the pastel blue that doesn’t make the wood look overly painted and the French design that is bound to add some style to a space. 

While I’m battling my inner voices, trying to decide on one of these chest of drawers, which one would you recommend? 😀 


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