Home Decor Ideas To Make Santa Happy This Christmas!



Christmas is right around the corner and we’re all excitedly waiting for Santa to visit with our gifts. For that matter, we have already set up our Christmas tree, set our wish lists below it and are now waiting for them to be fulfilled. 😉

Talk about growing up!

If you’re yet to get started with your Christmas decorations, here are a few home decorating ideas that even Santa would drop an extra gift for on his visit.

1. Get yourself a wreath 

Wreaths are simply way too beautiful and Christmas-y to not have at home. Whether you opt for a dry flower arrangement, one made of fresh flowers or an artificial one, make sure the entrance to your home brings a smile to your face instantly.


2. Don’t leave the wreath along 

Most of us have a wreath hung on our front doors. But hey, as you celebrate with your family inside, isn’t it going to feel a little too lonely? Instead of restricting yourself to the indoors only, get out and get your wreath an outdoor tree and some Christmas decor for company. After all, even Santa should know which house to step in first!


3. Create your own starry sky

Well, not literally. But it’s Christmas! And you could certainly go all out and bring some stars home. Be it in paper, metal or wood, get stars of different sizes and string them at different lengths across your rooms or the one that you have placed the Christmas tree in. Trust us, when you light up those stars in the evenings, you’re going to fall in love with them!


4. Make use of garlands everywhere 

Greens have a way of getting their way into each of our blogs. But what’s better when you want to add some life into a space than gorgeous green plants and garlands? Using bright green garlands this Christmas, cheer up your staircase, door frames, windows or just about every place you think looks a tad dull!


5. DIY your centre piece 

Oh come on, you do need a centre piece right! Simply take one of your glass bowls, get yourself a beautiful candle, some dry arrangements and put them all together. Voila you have a self made centre piece!


Alternatively, you could simply use string lights and put them in glass bottles or containers – yes, it could be as simple as that.


6. Display all your holiday cards 

The best thing about Christmas is that you can make a place look as happy as you like. Be it getting a few holiday cards and postcards you have received or bought to your living room, displaying them on your fridge or even the tree, share the joy with your friends and family in the most creative way possible. For instance, I love how the holiday cards are displayed on the staircase here that doubles up as a stand for coats and stoles too.


7. String candy canes just everywhere

Treats are part of every little celebration – especially Christmas! But you could use them as impromptu decor too by stringing them across the window sills or keeping them in jars over corner or coffee tables. Make sure you’re using the happiest of red ribbons!


8. Get yourself some Christmas stockings 

What’s Christmas without the stockings? Get yourself some happy red stockings and dress them up for the occasion using some glitter and cotton balls. You could also have small name tags on each of them so that Mr. Santa knows exactly how many candies he should leave for whom!


9. Time to light up the candles 

Christmas is all about making merry and lighting plays a big part of it! So don’t hold back and get all your candles out. If you don’t have any at home, go ahead and shop for the simplest of white coloured or red coloured candles that you could use to light up every corner of your house.


10. Make your own gingerbread house 

Or get one that you might not be able to eat, but can be used as a showpiece! We prefer the former because we are big time foodies. Spend some time researching how you can bake the perfect gingerbread house for yourself. Display it where every other little decor element is used to complete your Christmas decoration!

Ready? Set? Let’s get set for Christmas! 😀


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