Quirky Floral Arrangements For Winters


Winters may feel like the best time to leave the house and meet people and if you’re doing that enthusiastically, then good for you! However, that doesn’t mean your humble abode gets a cold shoulder from you. In the last few weeks, we have shared numerous home decorating ideas to get you winter ready.

From bringing in throws and carpets to cozy up the living spaces and decorating the house with winter-y décor accents and candles to adding a dash of yellows and reds in your home if you want to experiment with warmer hues during the season – we have kept you inspired by some really fabulous design options.

And if you are one of those who likes to spend a considerable time enjoying the comfort of your bed, we understand it makes sense to invest a bit of your time to create a décor that complements your “relaxed” mood. Honestly speaking – we helped you with revamping your bedroom décor too!

Since our team is mad about string lights, and we adore how naturally they beautify both indoors and outdoors, we showed you how the gorgeous series of lights will do the trick for you this winters. Are you happy? We hope you are.

But hey – this doesn’t end here. Today, I am going to share a couple of ideas on elegant floral/dry arrangements to help you further deck up your winter home. It’s more like a DIY activity for you, but I am sure you’ll get obsessed with ‘this’ art:

Those pretty pine-cones



Lovely red roses & white daffodils


Twig tentacles & white roses


Scintillating succulents


Then there’s the Xmas wreath


The key to have fun is to pick up any flowers, twigs and leaves that, according to you, will complement each other. Don’t stress too much over the lack of choices. Just enjoy the process. Place your arrangements anywhere you like – as a centerpiece, on the side table, near the kitchen window, wherever!


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