Lights Will Guide You Home: Time To Fall In Love With String Lights

string lights at home

Winters are here and let’s face it, we’re all looking at remaining cozy at home. Be it sitting in beds, under the blanket or simply sipping on hot coffee through the day with throws wrapped around us. In all fairness, we understand – it isn’t being lazy, it is called being well……..winter happy!

So today we decided to share a few ideas on how you can use string lights to make any space look cozier than it actually is.

Because hey, that little warm light does no one any harm! It doesn’t just add a hint of decor to a place instantly, but the warm yellow lights just make any nook look 100X calm, cozy and comforting.

1. This string light in the balcony

Most of us don’t use our balconies during the winters. To be honest, no one wants to sit out in the chilly winds for no good reason. But what if you could create a cozy nook for yourself in the balcony and make it a place to enjoy a warm cup of tea every evening? Use curtains to block some of the wind and string lights across them to create a softer lighting in place of the conventional outdoor lights. Get yourself some puffy floor cushions and a throw, and you’re done!


2. This string light curtain

Ditch the conventional ways of using string lights and get creative. Using multiple series of string lights, you could give your bedroom curtains a new look altogether. Yes, string light curtains are a thing! The texture of the curtains will avoid the lights from looking too jarring and the subtle lights behind those usual curtains will turn them into a galaxy of your own!



3. This perfectly lit reading room

Reading nooks become a favourite for many during winters and we blame absolutely no one! If the room looks as cozy as this with string lights serving as the perfect subtle lighting, we too would end up here more often – be it with or without a book in hand!


4. This string light photo collage

Who says you need to use the string lights only in one way? Like we said, it’s time to get experimental and use them in an authentic way to create your own look. We love how the lights here are being used to string favourite photographs and notes. Not just does this give the wall an all new look, but makes sure that your photographs are seen – for a change!



5. This magically lit mirror

Oversized mirrors have been trending the decor industry for a while now, but it’s time they got their much needed revamping too. Using string lights, you can trace the frame of the mirror to give it a DIY new frame! What’s more is that, the next time you’re getting ready, you won’t have to seek to a well lit room, your mirror is more than enough. (Psst. Those mirror selfies would turn out great too!)


6. This relationship between the staircase and lights

Be in indoors or outdoors, if you have a staircase in your house, time to give them a brighter and more festive look. Of course, with string lights. The next time you step out, you really won’t have to switch on the torch on your phone or the porch light. These gorgeous series of lights will do the trick for you!


If you go by my word, you can never have enough string lights at home! My room itself has 4 to 5 series of string lights used in different ways. I love the warmth they bring into a space and the way they make a place look almost magical!

What do you think?


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