Create A Cozy Bedroom Space This Winter

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The much-deserved colder weather is absolutely gorgeous. But what’s more beautiful about winters is the fact you love your sleep and your sleep loves you back and how! Since you have been spending a lot of time enjoying the comfort of your bed, it makes sense to invest a bit of your time to create a décor that complements your “relaxed” mood and the wonderful winters – of course!

Below are five steps you should take without hesitation if you are planning to spend indoors, in your bedroom, in the coming weeks:

1. Get going with the basics

A comfortable mattress is a definite yes. But picking the right bedsheets is important too. During the next three months, use pure cotton sheets. Cotton will not only maximize overall comfort but also it will be easy to maintain. Washing and drying cotton sheets won’t cause much trouble.

Another quality about cotton is that it doesn’t get wrinkled easily unlike nylon which starts to look untidy after just one use. Pick solids, patterned designs or simple white cotton sheets. Just get started!

2. Layer up your bed

Once the bedsheet is sorted, the next step is to pick a bed cover, maybe? From floral patterns and jazzy textures to simple solids – there is a lot of scope as far as picking up the bed cover is concerned. Since it is the first thing that anyone would notice in your bedroom, don’t hold back yourself in terms of design.


Add an additional layer on the bed with a thick duvet, blanket or quilt – whatever you choose to put on yourself during chilly nights. Again – pick your own style or design – something that will complement your bed cover.

3. Throw in some pillows

This is the best part – who doesn’t love fat and fluffy pillows on the bed! These cute bedroom accents are not just an addition to the bed but also effortlessly add a pop of personality to the entire bedroom space. While we would let you choose a color or design of your choice, we advise you to play by the rule of odds.


For instance, decorate the bed with three or five accent pillows rather than styling the bed space with even-numbered pillows. Choose a few pillows belonging to the same color family or mix them up if you want to achieve an eclectic look – go, experiment!

4. Ever thought of an oversized lounge pillow?

Yup – such a décor accent will just add a multifunctional appeal to the overall space. You can use this humungous piece of fluff for reading, chilling out or studying. Place it on the floor to instill a sense of playfulness in your bedroom. Work with solids, or pick a colorful pattern – go for something that is extra cozy. How cute is this one for pets?


5. Get warm and fuzzy with throws

Have a couch or accent chair in your bedroom? Doll it up with a fancy throw. One of the easiest ways to add warmth to the bedroom space is by throws. Don’t they give an invitation to snuggle in? They do. Express the warm personality in you with these super cozy décor accents. Give preference to throws made of crochet as the textile screams “winters”.


Even if you don’t have an armchair in your bedroom, place it neatly on the bed – just for style and nothing else.

While decorating a house for winters is an elaborate process, styling the bedroom for the chilly season is a fun task in itself. Let us know what you think of these steps.


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