Black Is The New Black: Home Decorating Ideas You Will Love


Whoever said black isn’t the right colour for home decor, are clearly wrong or have seen only the worst of examples! Black is one of the most versatile colours anyone can use in a home. Be it a theme that one wants to follow, keep it minimalistic, chic or turn it luxurious, black lets you do it all. Yes, all without looking boring or dull!

Since black is the new black and will remain so, here are a few home decorating ideas that you could follow for your next revamp.

Black wall accents

Wall accents are the best when it comes to sprucing up a room without changing much of the remaining decor items. Black wall accents and wallpapers are beautiful and can bring in glamour, chic, boho or even a minimalistic look to a room. For example, this wall accent with gold triangles is simply way too chic for anyone to not follow.


Black dining rooms

Oh yes, black dining rooms are a think. Go back to all those decor inspiration magazines and you’ll know exactly what we mean. You don’t have to go all out black in this space. Look for a dining table set in black and combine it with seats in a neutral colour that complements the shade of black you have used. Keep the decor around monochromatic for maximum drama.


Take black to the kitchen

Imagine not having to clean up all the chimney soot from all that cooking on a daily basis? Yes, black kind of makes that possible – although we do recommend cleaning your kitchen every day; just for those few days, you know. Using black slabs and black cabinets you can achieve a unique theme for your kitchen easily.


Go black with the tiling

And this gets us to the very next idea! Black tiles can add drama to any space instantly. Plus this gives you the flexibility to play with the rest of the decor in the room. And we absolutely love the flexibility of getting to change up our decor often! You could choose plain tiles or look for patterns using black predominantly along with another monochromatic colour.


Say hello to black bathrooms

Black bathrooms have a thing about them that none of us can ignore – a sense of luxury. Yes, black tiles, black cabinets along with a few green plants, you have a 5 star bathroom all to yourself. No kidding! If you can’t stand too much black, you could add small decor elements like pop coloured towels, flower arrangements or bath mats to add some colour to it.


Don’t forget the lighting

Black lamps look classy. Yes, there we said it again! Black looks classy no matter what setting it is in. You can use black lamp shades to create a minimal yet chic look in any room with yellow or white lighting, as per your liking. Go as eccentric as you can with the design you pick!


Decorate your walls with blacks

You don’t have to make major changes in your home to get a black theme. All you can do is choose to create a black wall decor theme in any of the rooms. Using black frames and prints in monochromes, you can instantly bring a black chic look to your house.


Inspired? So are we!

Time to go black! πŸ˜€


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