5 Types Of Wallpaper Designs That Will Leave You Awestruck


Wallpapers are getting all the attention in the decor world these days. Let’s be honest, why shouldn’t they? They add a wow factor to the walls without having to go through all the scraping and painting for days. You’re able to experiment with a lot more designs, patterns and colours – something that you’re not really able to do with the conventional wall paint!

Be it contemporary or minimalistic home decor you’re aiming at, wallpapers are suited for all.

We found a few wallpaper ideas that will simply have you awestruck. Don’t believe us? Scroll through and take your pick for your home!

All that glitters is metallic

Are you someone who fancies a little glamour? Well the easiest and the most cost effective way of adding a little glamour to any room is to use a metallic wallpaper. Metallic wallpapers picked in monotones will instantly bring a touch of sophisticated luxury to your home. Current favourites in the decor and design industry being, gold and silver!

metallic wallpaper gold

Only if the walls could speak

What if your walls could reflect your personality or your thoughts? With the printing technology entering decor, it is now possible to get wallpapers custom made. Be it murals of a city you absolutely love or a quote that inspires you on a day to day basis, get creative and original around what you want in your house – especially if you’re pasting wallpapers in your bedrooms.


The floral power never goes out 

Floral patterns have been trending for years and will continue to do so in the decor industry. Flowers have a charm that can add instant warmth to any room. Be it bold botanical or tropical prints or softer and smaller flower prints, these wallpapers are sure to freshen up your house. Experiment with different colours, but choose pastels if you’re aiming at a spacious and chic look.


Groove with the classics 

There are a few things that simply never go out of fashion – especially monochrome decor. So if you want to create a wall that serves as a centrepiece for a room, opt for dramatic monotone wallpapers like black, grey or even stark white! Monochrome wallpapers are best for all those wanting a minimalistic look for their home.


Hobby specific wallpapers 

Just like wallpapers that reflect your personality, there are those wallpapers that are in absolute sync with your hobbies. For instance, if you love to travel or are perpetually wanderlusting like us, then there are wallpapers with map prints that you could opt for. Or if you’re redecorating your kid’s room, you could look for those themed around the same.


Wallpapers give you the flexibility to experiment with different themes in different rooms. Each room can have a personality of its own, without you having to go through days and days of deciding which paint you’d like to go with and how to get started with it!

We love wallpapers also because if you’re even slightly the kinds who love DIYs, you could wallpaper your home all on your own. Although, we do recommend you read up on a few guides or look for help if you don’t have enough time. 🙂


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