Fancy Winter-y Wall Art For Your Abode


In our previous article, we shared some fabulous home decorating ideas to get your home winter ready. We are sure you must have enjoyed reading the article as much as we did putting the list together.

As far as I am concerned, I absolutely love winters – even though I live in a relatively “warm” city – winters to me mean wearing fancy trench coats and jackets, enjoying a mug of hot chocolate with friends at an outdoor cafe in one of my favourite cities in the world, New Delhi.

I hope that wherever you are while reading this, you have started to feel and experience the chilly breezy and you are flaunting your warm clothing to an absolute 100%! Anyway, keeping up with the spirit of this wonderful season, I bring to you 7 wall decor ideas that caught my eye in an instant.

These photos are a digital proof of the fact that there are so many people out there who can really turn a simple, dull corner or wall of their home into an impressive masterpiece. Take notes or just get enthralled:

Red reindeer is the show-stealer

Who knew arranging little pretty wall artworks and accents in such an disarray could produce such a calm and aesthetically appealing look?! I absolutely love the reindeer head. Reminds me of the song, “Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer!”.



Those antlers!

Simple yet magnificent – that’s how I would describe this gorgeous wall painting. Hang it on an empty wall and it will instantly bring the entire scene to live.


Pastels & wood – what a combination!

If you have noticed closely, all the wall decor accents are made of wood! That’s just brilliant. It brings alive the rustic element on the wall. The pieces are not too jazzy and go easy on colours. It’s not like your wall will be filled with colourful pieces. These picks will merge with the wall colour and become a single decor entity.


Three’s a charm for sure

If you have a huge wall that is empty, then fill it up with a set of three wall paintings. The most wonderful element in these paintings is the use of all winter-related trees and nute. Acorns and the Christmas tree give off one message: “winter is here, and Christmas is just a month away!”.

This one’s definitely my personal favourite. What do you think?


Dark, gloomy yet pretty

If you are a fan of dark coloured- furniture, then make sure you pick the darkest shade of blue. And if you take my advice and plan to decorate the wall behind the couch, then choose a painting the colours of which match your furniture. The result will dazzle you!


Go, decorate the walls of your home like a style aficionado!


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