Home Decorating Ideas That Will Get You Winter Ready


Winters are right around the corner. And while each of us get ready with quilts, sweaters and more, it’s time we get our homes winter ready too. After all, you do want your house to feel all warm and cozy during the cold, don’t you?

Here are some home decorating ideas that will get you winter ready an absolute 100%!

Bring in some rugs and carpets 

Imagine having to get up and walk bare foot on the cold floor? Nope, that isn’t really the perfect start of a winter morning when it is already so hard to get out of bed. So get some rugs and carpets home right now! They’ll make those floors a lot more inviting and warm, and definitely give your rooms an authentic look.


Get yourself some candles 

Let’s face it, we all wish for fireplaces in winters. But it’s a fact that we can’t really afford to have one in every home. Instead of feeling too bad about it, get yourself some candles – scented ones, preferably. They will make your house immediately warmer and more welcoming.


Buy yourself some quilts and throws 

Snuggling up on the bed or a comfortable couch is just a winter thing to do. Make it a lot more comfortable for yourself by getting some quilts and throws home. We love the hand woven woollen ones personally, but it is entirely up to you – whatever makes you comfortable!


Get more cushions home

One can never really have too many cushions at home. And winter is the one time when you have an excuse to hoard up on them! Get cushion covers in fluffy, soft and cozy fabrics. You could either experiment with colours or choose to go ahead with monotones!


Always have some fresh flowers 

Now no one is asking you to invest in expensive bouquets every day. But winter is the time when flowers remain the freshest and you should totally think of bringing a few blooms home. They’ll last you almost a week so you won’t really have to change them from day to day.


Or maybe some dry arrangements 

On the contrary, even some dry arrangements work magically in getting a wintery look to your home. Keep a look out at your general stores and home decor showrooms for small arrangements that you could keep around the house. It doesn’t need to follow a theme so get experimental with what you bring in.


Use more wooden accents 

Wood can make any place look a lot warmer. So if you can, switch up some of your decor items of home furniture with wooden alternatives. Choose a texture that is as close to natural wood as possible. A simple centre table in wood could do the trick too!


Choose warmer lighting 

White lights can make a place look really bright and accentuate all the decor items you have at home. But yellow lights make a room look hundred times more welcoming and warm. So get yourself a few  string lights or lamps in warmer shades. Remember, the idea is to get just as much light as you would sitting in front of a fireplace.


Buy a few wintery things 

What says winters more than snowballs and wreaths? Getting into the Christmas groove is just everyone’s thing! So go all out and get little wintery things home for decor. What’s best is that you can even reuse these next year.


Getting winter ready is fairly simply and to be honest, we love gearing up for the season! It gives us a whole lot of things to experiment with and at the same time, enjoy it all with a warm cup of coffee or tea. 🙂

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