Smart Ideas To Add Colour To An All White Bathroom


White is usually the go-to colour for bathrooms when you move into a new house. But sometimes the standard colour theme has a tendency to look all too boring. And we’re here to change that because we know what it feels like to end up looking at bare walls right in the morning.

Sifting through some of the decor ideas on the internet, we decided to share a few you can use to add some colour to an all white bathroom.

Change the tiling

The very first thing that you can do to change your bathroom’s look, is change the tiles. Why stick to the usual white or grey tiles, when you have so many patterns and colours to play with? But remember pick a tile colour that is easy to maintain; you don’t want to end up spending days scrubbing it clean.


Bring in some green plants 

Now if you don’t have the resources, the time or the patience to get your bathroom’s tiling changed, this one is for you. Pick out some small green plants and place them in some corners or on racks in the bathroom. It will not just add a little colour to the space, but also an element of freshness!


Switch up the cabinets

Every bathroom has some storage space, either in a corner or below the sink. These cabinets are usually the most ignored elements when it comes to decor aesthetics. So if you’re looking at sprucing up your bathroom, switch up those cabinets with some bright colours of your choice.


Change those towels 

Another simple way to bring some colour to your bathroom is to simply trash those standard white towels you have been tugging around. Look for pop colours or patterns in towels – both hand towels and shower towels. Since these are usually hanging in the bathroom, they will add a bit of colour to it instantly.


Play up the walls 

Just like the tiles, you could alternatively choose to play with the colour of your walls. Give them an all new look using accents or a solid colour of your choice. Try to create an overall theme in your bathroom to avoid making it look silly.


Hang up a few posters 

Since we’re already on walls, why not bring in some decor inspiration from your bedroom? Instead of restricting all your posters to the bedroom wall, hang some in your bathroom. These could be fun sign boards stating bathroom rules or generally happy quotes that you’d love to read early in the morning!


Find them here

Look for happier shower curtains 

We’re pretty sure you have a shower curtain in your bathroom. While this is a really functional element of your bathroom, it doesn’t need to be boring. Pick out happier prints and colours for your shower curtain, and see how beautifully vibrant it makes your bathroom!


Find them here

Just because they’re a functional room, doesn’t mean that bathrooms need to remain boring. Just like the other rooms in your house, spend some time planning out how you want a bathroom to look like. Whether it is a theme you’re angling at or simply adding some shades to it to break the white monotony, take your pick and then go all out revamping it.

Personally, I end up spending at least an hour in the bathroom every day. Long showers after a really tiring day are just obvious and I don’t think I’m the only one who appreciates them. So might as well spruce the place up and make our day better!


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