These Kitchens Are Gorgeous!

A kitchen is the heart and soul of a house. For a foodie like me, it is heaven! It is difficult for me  to imagine a non-functioning, ill-stocked kitchen even for a second. Ugh – the thought is hurtful! So when it comes to organizing that space – one must not ignore that duty.

A kitchen is supposed to be kept neatly, all its elements well stacked. And the decor? It doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Yes – the process of decorating the kitchen sounds odd but it is exciting indeed!

It doesn’t matter what theme you choose in the end, it has to make you happy because in the end, it is you who will spend a lot of time in that space. So here are top 5 themes we absolutely adore. We are so sure you are going to fall in love with them all.

1.     Country is gold

We love the use of the colour turquoise on the cabinets. We absolutely adore the shabby chic furniture. It’s a typical country kitchen – warm, friendly and carefree!



2. Colonial style

This kitchen has stuck to natural hues and tones. Look at the wooden elements in the area. Be it the ceiling or the floor – everything uses wood in some form or the other. The dominance of white adds special character to this kitchen.



3. Sweet ‘n’ European

This is what a kitchen must look like in a typical European home. Small and compact, it makes space for not only all the necessary accents of a kitchen but also little decor pieces such as the fruit bowl and the vase.



4. Classic style

Here is the emphasis again is on wood – be it the kitchen cabinets, ceiling or floor! The use of chandelier – also in wood – speaks volumes on behalf of the entire kitchen space.



5. Modern sense

Sleek, posh and modular – that’s how one would describe a modern kitchen. What do you think of this one, by the way? Would you want to have a kitchen like this in your home?



So are you all set to ditch the old decor and give a complete makeover to your kitchen? We bet you are!


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