Grey Living Room Decor Ideas You Just Can’t Ignore


Living rooms are always a little tough to decorate. Not that you’re short of ideas, but usually because you end up having way too many of them. Should it look boho or should it remain classy in monotones, it is always a hard choice to make!

So we thought of sharing some living room decor ideas in grey for all those thinking about how to mix the two in one space. Trust us, once you see them, you can’t ignore them.

This absolutely cozy living room

Decorating with the colour grey gives you the opportunity to play with how it makes the space look – dark, cold, warm or cozy. We absolutely love how this living room here uses grey for the bigger couch and breaks the monotony with warm colours like orange and brick red.


This colour popped living room

The good thing about using grey in your living room is that you can complement it with just about any colour. Using some pop colours like yellow and pink, this living room’s decor is certainly adding a happy feeling to the place!


This sophisticated living room

Like we said, shades of grey give you different styles to play with. You can go from pop to classy by making just a few changes in your living room. Create a focal point for the room using accent walls that combine wood and textures of grey to get a totally authentic, sophisticated and yet warm space of your own.


This absolutely royal living room

Living rooms are usually the most spacious in a home and that’s exactly why you should turn them into one of those dreamy luxurious places. With grey as the base colour, you could use other monotones like white, black and silver to create a rich look.


This modernistic living room

Grey has a sense of minimalism to it. So play around with tones of grey to create a theme for your living room. Add a little personality to it using decor items in other monotones, minimal wall decor and more. The more spacious and minimal you keep the space, the better it looks.


This rustic living room

If there’s one thing that can add instant coziness to your living room, it is the old school rustic look. Pick out antique furniture pieces instead of the usual chest of drawers and display cupboards. Stick to greys and whites when picking your decor pieces. We absolutely love the wooden center table in this one.


This not so grey living room

If grey lounge chairs and sofas aren’t for you, you can choose softer tones like creams for them. To bring your living room to the grey theme, you can instead paint your walls grey. But remember to pick a shade that doesn’t dim the lighting in the room – keep natural lighting in mind as well.


Greys can be tricky to decorate with. While it can never make a room look tacky, they do have a tendency of making it look too dull. In a room that sets the first impression on anyone who comes home, you certainly don’t want that happening!

Image sources: Decoholic, The Decorista, Indeed Decor


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