Deck Up Those Floors Of Your Home

Empty floors in a home don’t look pretty at all! They make the house look cold and unwelcoming. But as soon as exquisite carpets are rolled out, one can easily sense warmth and comfort within the spaces. So it is safe to conclude that these floor props are an integral part of a home’s personality.

You must have noticed how carpets contribute in layering a room’s overall décor. They are undoubtedly the last piece in the décor puzzle – so don’t forget all about them. And if you have never paid much attention to these accents, now is the time to bring a definite décor change.

You can do so by following these tips:

1. For a minimalistic living room

If this part of your home plays on the lines of minimalism, then you have the option to doll up the floor unabashedly. Bring forth a little edginess right on the floor with visually arresting carpets.



If the carpet designs are lively enough, you will find that the oh-so subtle area has transformed into something really breathtaking! So go crazy while picking up the perfect carpet for your living room. Make an impression!

2. Mix ‘n’ match

This one’s a common décor tip but if done right can fetch some amazing results. We suggest you match the colour or design of the furniture of a specific room with a carpet of your choice. Let the carpet reflect your own artistic sensibilities.



The carpet can be of a different shape or size. It can even be patterned or textured. There are no décor rules – other than the ones you make and follow!

3. Experiment with a kaleidoscope of colours

Create an artful spot in one of your bedrooms with different colours and patterns. Whether it is your bedroom or your child’s, go wild. Pick an attractive area rug – if covering the entire floor with a huge carpet is too much for you. Select a floor prop that makes a statement – rather un-apologetically!



4. Paint the carpet

If you want your floor to be the centre of attraction, then don’t hesitate to get your creative gloves on. Take a plain carpet and paint it. Let the Picasso in you come out and display his artistic finery. Place the interior finery on the floor – preferably in the living room so that more people can see it.




Create a sense of edginess and drama right on the floor. Trust me – you are so going to enjoy the whole process!

5. Gung-ho about geometry

Add an element of modernity in one of the rooms with a carpet with a geometic design or a shape. This will be wonderful if you want to distract the person’s attention to the floor. So if the overall décor your room is not all that great, then go with this option.



Ready to plant some genuine visual interest in your home? We know we are!


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