‘Deck Up’ Your Deck With These 11 Outdoor Decorating Ideas


Most city apartments and houses don’t really have any outdoor space available to them. So if you do have a deck or a patio available to yourself, consider yourself to be the luckiest!

The season to enjoy outdoors is just around the corner and you don’t want to miss out on soaking the wintery sun on a cold day just because you never really thought of making the outdoor deck comfortable – let alone, presentable.

So here are a few ideas to ‘deck up your decks’ and enjoy the outdoors on a good day!

1. Create some comfortable yet functional seating 

Outdoors for hours are best when you do have some comfortable seating available. But your outdoor furniture needs to be functional as well – what if it just rains and you can’t pull it all in on time? In this case, using wicker furniture with waterproof fabric seating would be a great idea!


2. Bring in some greens to create a little privacy 

You’re outdoors, you simply can’t do without greens! Bring in some tall plants to place around your outdoor deck to create a little privacy. Although you might want to keep in mind whether you would be able to maintain as many plants on a regular basis or have someone do it for you.


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3. Create an illusion of a wall 

Make use of a wooden lattice wall on one side of your deck to create an effective illusion of a wall. You could then plant some climbers to grow up this lattice. If you maintain it really well, you’ll have your very own wall of natural fragrance. Plus if you pick the right side for it, it would serve to give your deck some privacy from the neighbours too!


4. Make use of some happy colours 

When choosing furniture pieces or pots for your deck, look at creating a theme out of happy colours like a bright blue and yellow, that resonate with the greens around. The idea is to not make your deck look too jarring and at the same time not mellow it down completely.



5. Get yourself a fountain 

Add some water to your greens and you’ve perfected the art of ‘outdoors’. Install a small fountain either at one corner of your deck or right beside it. The sound of flowing water is definitely a lot calming! But make sure your fountain doesn’t eat up much of the floor space available to you.


6. Create a canopy 

Now the sun can be a little too much to bear with on some days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sit outside and enjoy the breeze. Create a canopy that shades you from the sun and yet let’s you enjoy it by letting some light seep in. We prefer using lighter colours here, but you might want to keep its maintenance in mind when picking a colour and its fabric.


7. Throw out some cushions 

If you’ve been hoarding on cushions for a while, now would be a good time to throw them out on your deck – of course, with the intention of making your deck more comfortable. Get yourself some floor cushions as well for additional seating. Cushions can really make a whole lot of difference to a space!


8. Light it up 

Now you can’t imagine yourself sitting in complete darkness on a breezy night – unless you’re gazing at the stars. So bring in the right amount of lighting that will make your deck look a lot cosier. String lights, paper lamps and some candles can really do the trick here!



9. Don’t miss out on the rug 

You might think that adding a rug outside is simply stupid because you’re going to end up washing it every other day or removing it altogether because of the mud layer formed on it. But rugs can really spruce up the way your deck looks. Look for mats, spreads or rugs that use an easy to clean fabric and bring in some patterns to break the outdoor monotony on your deck.


10. Hang up a hammock 

Real relaxation time starts and ends with a hammock for us. If you like cozying up with a read outside on a good day, get yourself a hammock. The best part is, you could just drift off to sleep while reading and swinging!


11. Or get yourself a swing! 

If not a hammock, do yourself a favour by getting a swing!


Decorating outdoors can be tricky. You might want to observe the climate in your area for a while before bringing in decor items for the deck. Remember the deck is for you to relax and not end up spending endless hours maintaining!


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