Bedroom Decor Ideas For Those Struck By Wanderlust


Are you a traveller or someone who wishes to travel to new places and experience new cultures often? Then join the group. We are struck by the wanderlust bug too and somehow can’t avoid spending at least few hours every day browsing through different cities, looking for good travel packages and discussing when we could possibly take that vacation!

Your bedroom is your personal den. Then why not let it show your love for travel too?

Here are some inspiring decor ideas we stumbled across, that are guaranteed to satisfy your wanderlust!

1. Map up your wall 

Get a massive world map for one of your walls to remind you of all that’s still let to discover. The best part is, the map would serve as an accent for your room and up its decor quotient instantly! If you can paint or know someone who could do it for you, you could get the world map painted in shades you really like.


2. Some travel inspiring posters 

Posters are a must have and those who love to travel, literally have a lot of choice for themselves. You could either frame the world map for your room or get a quote printed and framed to inspire you to get out there and see the world.


3. Get yourself a globe 

Revisit your childhood a tad bit by getting yourself a globe for your study table. While most people have done away with this decor item, it surely is the one thing that reflects travel more than anything else. You could experiment with the globe by rather pasting a quote across its surface instead of having the conventional map.


4. Make your own travel gallery 

If you have some stunning pictures of the places you have visited, now would be a good time to get some prints. You could create your very own gallery with prints from different places, in different sizes. Alternatively, you could pull out some pictures from your Instagram account and create an Instagram wall in your room.


5. Experiment with travel inspired wall decor  

You need not always have to do up your room with maps and travel quotes, you could actually work towards creating some chic travel inspired wall decor. For instance, experiment with the way you use the world map by cutting parts of it, mounting them on wooden blocks and pasting those on the wall to create an authentic yet sassy wall decor.


6. String those pictures and postcards 

Did you manage getting some prints from your last travel or do you have a few postcards you hoarded before coming back? String them using paper clips and jute ropes across a wall. You could also add string lights to the rope so that pictures are visible even at night!


7. Dream of travel – literally 

Those struck by the wanderlust bug can hardly get over their dreams to visit new places. So why not ‘ensure’ these dreams do come to you every night and inspire you to pack your bags to move out by getting travel inspired bedding?


8. Let the light guide you 

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re all set to sleep? Catching a flight the very next morning to your favourite destination for a quick vacay, of course! Get yourself a travel themed lamp that uses quotes that simply resonate your thoughts.


9. A chic travel mobile 

Now you might not find a mobile that reflects your love for travel, so why not create one yourself? String some of your favourite pictures and use a metallic base to hold them all together – your very own mobile is ready in just a few minutes!


10. Travel inspired curtains 

When you’re already working on creating a travel inspired theme for your bedroom, why leave out the curtains? Get some doodled prints or prints of your favourite city for the curtains. They’re sure to add a little bit of more wanderlust to your soul every time some light seeps in.


But while you’re at it, don’t forget to plan your next travel!


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