Beautify Your Home The Festive Way

Diwali is not the “Festival of Lights”, it is also known for its positivity and vibrancy. From food to fashion, we bring forth many, many changes to our lifestyle. We eat good food, indulge in “desi” sweets and wear new clothes.

Basically – we start fresh every year with this festival. With less than 2 weeks left for the Diwali season, here are a bunch of novel ideas to help you refresh your home the festive way:

1. Splash the walls with some colour

To brighten up your home in a flash, put a wallpaper in your living room or bedroom. Create decor magic with strong graphics and prints. And once the festivity is over or when you get bored, removed it and apply something else altogether!


2. Use lots of candles

It takes just a few candles to make a home look cosy and elegant. They say candles help in getting in touch with your emotions better. Boost the energy and rejig the positivity in your homely spaces with candles. Complement them with fragrant flowers and watch the feeling of the space get instantly uplifted.



3. How about lights, diyas and lanterns?

There are so many options to choose from. From Moroccan style hanging lights to sculptural lanterns – you can adorn every nook and cranny of the house with pretty little lights. Don’t forget to create an array of diyas right before the main door of the house.



4. Mix ‘n’ match

Don’t allot just one colour for each room of your house. Instead, mix and match colours such as red, yellow and green. Similarly, when it comes to textures, don’t hesitate to let your imagination run wild. After all it is the season of Diwali, and vibrancy is the way to go!



What do you think of these simple decor tips? Have some similar tricks up your sleeve? Share them with us!


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