10 Bedroom Decor Ideas For All The Book Lovers


Love books? So do I!

Despite having so many of them lined up in a shelf and a kindle being gifted to me, I still do end up buying more books. I have a pretty good excuse for the same – a book is a book.

And anyone who is even a little bit of a bibliophile like me, would totally relate to this excuse. We have given it to our mothers who end up arranging our book rack more often than us and friends who keep nudging you to get out more.

In simpler words, bibliophiles like us are notorious hoarders and there’s absolutely nothing stopping us!

So here are 10 bedroom decor ideas for all us hoarders to make our spaces look a lot neater, and make room for more books.

1. The floor to ceiling bookshelf 

Love the library? Why not bring it home? Installing a floor to ceiling bookshelf with not just give you the geeky nerdy vibes in your bedroom, but also save space while creating more room for hoarding! No more mess, no more stuffing books one over the other.


2. Get yourself some bookish cushions 

A good day would be incomplete if you just had a cup of coffee and a book in hand. You do want to be able to cozy up in a corner comfortably. So why not bring in some bookish cushions to add a little geek to your room!


3. Create your own book tree 

If you’re simply bored of the usual bookshelves available in the market, vary your style. Create a book tree on one of the walls – one that imitates a typical branch and will be able to hold up at least some of your favourites. Or you could turn a corner into a bookshelf that resembles the trunk of a tree.


4. Get those bookish coasters 

You really don’t want your spoil your furniture pieces with coffee or tea stains – especially if they’re in wood. Get  yourself some coasters that reflect your love for books. You could DIY this by using up pages of the books you really loved – if you can manage to part with them in this way!


5. Create a book mobile 

Mobiles shouldn’t just be restricted to nurseries and play schools. Get yourself mobiles that are made using book replicas or DIY one yourself. You would want to choose the lighter reads for this if you’re going with the latter!


6. Build a cozy reading nook

Like we said before, a good day is one when you can cozy up with a book in a corner without anyone asking you to work or study! So build yourself a cozy reading nook using floor cushions, a throw and some comfy pillows. You could alternatively look for a lounge chair with a ottoman if space permits!


7. Some poster because duh!

If you’re a book lover, you’ll know the sentiment behind having at least a few posters in your room. Be it general reading quotes or excerpts from your favourite book series – these are definitely a must!


8. Upcycle a table lamp to profess your love for books 

You might or might not find a bookish lamp for your room. In case you don’t, you can simply upcycle one of your old ones with some casual reads that you won’t mind piercing the stem of the lamp through. But once done, this might just become your favourite piece of decor!


Or you could club the mobile with some lighting to create an authentic looking ceiling light!


9. Book walls for constant reads 

Got an excerpt of a book you loved or a chapter you have read a million times already and might just end up reading again? How about getting it printed to create a custom wallpaper for your wall? If you’re the creative DIY kinds, you could grab hold of some paint and do the lettering yourself – but that’s sure going to take a lot of time and effort!


10. A clock that loves books as much as you

We have all had times when we go way past our reading time and then have a groggy morning. But that’s okay! Maybe a wall clock that resembles a book will help you keep a check or remind you to set aside time for your favourite book on a busy day.


So, what does your reading nook look like? Don’t forget to share your pictures with us on Facebook or Instagram! We would be happy to feature them on our feed. 🙂 


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