Color Your Home Emerald Green

OMG – emerald green is a gorgeous colour! It’s vibrant, elegant and spunky – all at the same time. We are truly gaga over this colour. Emerald green is such a rich hue that it instantly provides an absolutely breathtaking imagery – right in front of our eyes!

When it comes to decorating the homely spaces, no one really likes to mess about with green because if overused, it can instill a gaudy sense of appeal – which doesn’t fetch many followers. But hey – with emerald green – it is hard to go wrong.

1. Feature wall

Define a new definition of luxury with painting the feature wall of any of your rooms with emerald green. Trust us – if you complement it with subtle furniture and furnishings, the entire decor will look sophisticated and graceful.



2. Cushion-y delight

Wouldn’t you love to have an inviting living area that is well decorated with colourful cushions in emerald green? Oh, and if the curtains are blessed with this colour too, there’s nothing like it!



3. Vintage vibes

Choose an unused corner of your home. Keep emerald green and grey as the primary colours of that area. Decorate the space with grey decor accents. The centre of attraction should be one huge piece of furniture (here it is a chest of drawers) in emerald green. Doesn’t the picture look beautiful?



4. Beatific accessories

Colour coordinate the furniture and furnishings of your living room with everything emerald green to give the space a fresh and elegant look. Seek inspiration from the picture given below:



So are you ready to breathe new life into your home?


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