10 Decor Tips To Make A Small Room Look Spacious


A bedroom is one’s person den. You come back from a long day at work and it is the first place you want to head to and relax. It is also the place where you want to keep everything that comes handy on a daily basis, accessible.

Now if you have a small room, you’ll understand the struggle of storage. You can’t just keep doing away with your favourite stuff just because the space available to you, isn’t enough. So we dug out 10 smart decor tips that can make a really small room look a lot spacious.

1. Hang it up 

Small bedrooms have limited floor space, but things like bedside tables and lamps are some must-haves. To counter this problem, make use of hanging night stands instead of the conventional tables and lamps that hang from your ceiling.


2. Club the seating and storage

Every room needs to have some kind of seating available – except the bed, of course. Making use of storage ottomans and benches can be a smart move here. You can stow away things you don’t need too often in them and at all other times, they serve the purpose of a comfortable seating!


3. Store it in style 

Now it is impossible to install drawers for every little thing you own. This is where wall hooks come handy. You can use them to hang the sassy looking bags you use on a day-to-day basis. If you’re the kinds to switch bags often, you could alternatively hang a basket that stores all your knick knacks in it.


4. Tuck it away under the bed 

One of the smartest ways to store your personal stuff without having to install shelves in your room, is to tuck everything away under the bed. Make use of baskets, storage containers and more to slide in things like shoes, bags, etc.


5. Get some double duty furniture 

A small bedroom doesn’t have the space to incorporate every little thing from a dresser to a side table, study table, shelves and more. This is why you should stay on the lookout for doubly duty furniture. For instance, you could keep a study table right beside your bed, which could serve as a bedside table at times you’re not working.


6. Wall mount your bookshelf 

If you’re a bibliophile, it is almost certain that you have placed the bookrack in your room. Now the floor space is definitely being eaten up by the shelf, so why not mount it on the wall? Create a library like feature on one of the walls. You’ll also be surprised by the number of shelves that you can incorporate by doing this.


7. Open up your wardrobe 

Small bedrooms have a tendency to make the person feel like everything’s closing in on him. In such cases, considering an open wardrobe is a great idea. It can make your room look a lot spacious, but you definitely need to maintain a clutter free wardrobe! (Mine is a total mess)


8. Make use of mirrors 

Mirrors have the power to add more depth to any space. So bring a full size mirror into your room to reflect light and make your room look spacious. The bigger the mirror, the better it is!


9. Let some light in 

Small windows can make a small bedroom look smaller – wow, I just created a tongue twister for you! But it is the truth. Opt for bigger windows in your room and you’ll see how much space you suddenly seem to free up.


10. Choose a lighter colour palette 

The one trick to make your small bedroom look a lot bigger than what it is, is to make use of a lighter colour palette. Be it whites or a few pastel shades, opt for lighter colours and see the difference they make!


Smart thinking can make even the smallest of bedrooms really functional. So don’t forget to put your thinking caps on and take time to strategise your small bedroom decor.


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