9 Window Treatment Ideas To Liven Up Any Room


When it comes to windows, a lot many of us sham it out by simply heading out and buying a few curtains that match the tone of the rest of the decor in a room. But here’s a fun fact – curtains, shades and shutters really do have the power to make even the saddest of windows, a focal point in your home.

Don’t believe us?

Here are some window treatment ideas that are guaranteed to make a world of a difference to the way you see your windows!

1. Layer your sheer curtains 

One of the most common decor hacks used by the best of designers to spruce up the way a window looks, is to layer curtains to create an authentic look. You could club sheer curtains with solid ones to create a chic, yet functional look. Set aside the solid colours in the morning to let some natural light stream in from the sheer ones, and block out the world outside at night by double drawing them!


2. Make use of interesting shades 

Functional calls for our second window treatment hack – using shades. They make regulating the natural light coming into the room a lot easier and yet give your room a boho-chic look. Using pastel colours and different prints that complement your room’s decor, your window could actually become a master piece on its own.


3. Opt for using screens 

Using panels of intricate work to create screens for your windows is another unique idea that you can experiment with. They don’t just become a decor item in their own sense, but also give you the ability to control the light coming into a room.


4. Replace the old with stained glass windows

If you simply want to do away with the hassle of managing curtains or shades, you can choose stained glass windows instead. They come with different patterns made on them and are certainly a delight to watch when the light seeps in. Choose a window with a hint of colour and an intricate design. Trust us, your window is going to look like a wall decor by itself!


5. Hang them up higher 

Another way to spruce up the way your window looks, is to change the height at which you hang the curtains! Go a little higher if the space allows and choose curtains that just skim the floor. This will also make your room look a lot more spacious.


6. Bind the blinds 

Blinds are just as nifty as screens and shades when it comes to functionality. So replace your window panels with blinds and use curtains along side it. This lets you tap into the beauty of both the decor items and also make your window look exclusive.


7. Create a canopy 

The way you drape your curtains has a direct impact on how your window looks. You could have the best of curtains, but when draped in a shabby manner, they’re going to look nothing but ‘just there’. So create a canopy at the top of your curtains to bring in a little bit luxurious look to your window.


8. Experiment with swing arm curtains 

While you might not see these a lot in modern houses, the swing arm curtains are inspired by the Swedish. They are sure to bring a little bit of Colonial touch to your window and hence, to the room they are used in.


9. Choose bright and perky shutters

Bring an English countryside look to any space by replacing its windows with perky and colourful shutters. Remember how you spent hours gaping at pictures with bright window shutters and doors. Yes, this one idea can actually be brought home.


Your windows might now look like they need some overhauling. But if you’re looking at really revamping the decor of a room, don’t miss out on them!


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