Kitchen Decor Tips: Double Your Pantry Size With These Organization Tricks

kitchen-decor tips

Sick and tired of how your small kitchen just ends up being a mess every time you cook? Now just because you have limited space in your kitchen, doesn’t mean you scale down on your food stock – unless you want to kill all those hunger pangs and remain on a perpetual diet.

Now kitchens can be a little tricky when it comes to storage. You want to keep everything easily accessible, yet not see them around all the time because it just makes your kitchen look smaller!

So we came up with a few organization hacks that you can use to make your kitchen look double its size and do away with the constant ‘clutter’.

1. Buy clear glass containers

While it is functional to store cereals, biscuits and other things in their cardboard boxes, they have a tendency to outflow the space allocated for them – making it look messier. Transfer these food items into clear canisters or containers and you won’t even have to use name tags!


2. Install some spinners 

Take a look at the corner of your kitchen and tell us if you don’t find a pile of cans and bags, that you need to sift through for ours before finding what you really want. Installing spinners in these corners can really make things easier. All you need to do is separate different type of products on different spinners.


3. Reinvent file holders 

Yes, those box shaped holders that have been helping you keep files arranged at office, can also help you organize your kitchen. You can use them to stack canned food – category wise and even use name tabs to clearly mark what’s where.

4. Choose tall skinny containers 

Instead of the usual thick containers we all tend to have at home, use tall skinny ones instead. They would store as much and also help you save up some space in the storage cabin. It’s a great hack for storing dry good. Make sure each of these containers are air tight.


5. Create stacked storage using baskets 

Baskets aren’t just meant for decorating flowers or your laundry. You could use them just like the file holders to store foods category-wise. The best part of using baskets is that you can dump similar things together, without worrying about them toppling to the floor. We prefer using the cane baskets here for the rustic look they bring in to the kitchen.


6. Hang up your snacks 

Every household definitely has some snacks stored in the pantry. Now these packets are air tight and tend to be a pain when you put them all together in a shelf – one of them is certainly going to fall out every time you open the cupboard. This is where you can make use of plastic skirt hangers!


7. Install pull out drawers 

No kitchen can have enough space – you’re bound to run out of it every now and then. Identify an area in your kitchen to install pull out drawers; preferably one that gives them some depth. These make accessing the food items easy too!


8. Get yourself a shoe organiser 

Say what? Yes, shoe organisers can be used to store spices and spreads for easy access – we’re pretty sure they are the most commonly consumed items at your home too. Different slots for different food items – organization redefined. Plus you can hang this behind the kitchen door too!

The way to one’s heart is through the stomach – holds true for foodies like us! But when your kitchen looks like a mess, no one really wants to spend time cooking and experimenting with new cuisines. So this week, roll up your sleeves and head out to the market to find smart storage for your food items.


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