10 Instagram Gallery Wall Ideas To Perk Up Your Bedroom


Instagram has practically become a day-to-day hobby for most of us. The amazing application is already conquering the world with millions of daily active users and new ones joining in every other day. It has become a second home to all the little moments of a life that we are able capture and share with the world. And browsing through your feed, is sure to perk up your mood!

Then why limit your happiness to your mobile or the laptop? Why not get some prints of your Instagram moments and create a gallery offline with a theme as custom as your profile?

Slowly picking up as a trend, here are 10 Instagram Gallery Wall Ideas that will instantly perk up your bedroom and your mood.

1. More volume to your memories

Really want your Instagram pictures to stand out? Well take prints of your favourite ones and mount them on wooden blocks. Then paste these blocks on your wall in a symmetrical manner, copying the layout of your Instagram gallery.


2. Create your own theme

Most of us are either following or trying to create a theme on our Instagram profiles. So take the obsession a little further to create themes for your wall gallery. Use white or black frames with padding/no padding for your prints. Again, hang them up in a symmetrical manner to create a wall that imitates your profile.


3. Make an Instagram poster

Another clever idea to create a gallery without damaging your walls with nails and glue, is to create posters out of your prints. Arrange your prints in a frame of your choice – preferably rectangular or square in shape, to create your very own, authentic poster!


And if you have some space available to you, you could really big with the poster like..


4. Reuse those wooden planks

Have a few wooden planks lying buried in the store room? Time to use them up! Use the planks as a board that you can pin your Instagram prints on. Mount these boards on the wall in a layout you like. You could create a long Instagram gallery by placing these planks side by side or create one with some height placing them one under the other.


5. Blow them out a little

Instead of printing your Instagram pictures in their original size, blow them out a bit to get an enlarged look. Paste these on canvases and mount them on a wall that you’re planning to overhaul. But remember, choose pictures that will not lose their quality when enlarged.


6. Get creative with washy tape

Don’t have the resources or the patience to get your Instagram prints framed? Stick them up on the wall and use cheerful coloured washy tapes to create borders. Choose simple colours or get experimental with prints, but remember to create a theme that complements the rest of your decor.



7. String them across

You don’t necessarily need to paste or mount framed prints onto the walls. You could use strings and hang them up instead. Using clips to hang the pictures, this is perfect for creating a casual yet chic look in the room. What’s best is that, these are a lot easier to change when you get bored!


You could also use some of your string lights to hang up the pictures instead of the plain wires or jute threads.


8. Reinvent with a wire wall grid

Another simple approach to creating your Instagram gallery, is to get yourself a wire wall grid. You can pin the best of your prints and also some miscellaneous pretty little things like ribbons that you might have tucked away in a drawer.



9. Move away from the typical grids

Instagram walls are known to follow a symmetrical pattern. While the symmetry is what adds to the beauty of it, experimenting does no harm. You can use your prints to create different shapes on your wall instead of the typical gallery-like look.


10. Play with geometry 

Get geeky and bring in the geometry to your room. Instead of the conventional rectangular or square wire wall grids, play with shapes like hexagons instead! The best way to bring a minimalistic touch to your Instagram wall. You could either use nails and a jute thread to create these shapes or get the local welder to make something for you!


Do you have an Instagram wall at home? Why not share your lovely ideas with us on Facebook? 🙂 


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