8 Small Patio Decorating Ideas To Make It Look Gorgeous


Having an outdoor space in the new age apartments and houses, is literally a blessing – no matter how big or small they are! This the space that could literally give you a good breather when you just need to step out and ‘take a breath’.

So in this post, we’re sharing 8 decorating ideas that will make you fall in love with your small patio too!

1. Choose a bright little table 

When choosing furniture pieces for a small patio, you need to keep in mind the space crunch as well as its utility. So choose a bright coloured table that has just enough space for you to keep a morning cup of tea with a rolled newspaper alongside it. That’s all the space you need – take it as your size approximation!

small-table-for-patioimage source: 30s Magazine

2. Plant up the walls and fences 

You’re short on ground space, but outdoor automatically means having some plants. Instead of the conventional pots, choose to plant up your favourites on walls and fences in happy looking cans. The best thing is that you can use some of your old cans – just paint and recycle them!


3. Bring in some bistro lights 

You want the patio to be warm and welcoming, when you just need some space to relax! And lights have always been our answer to everything. Bring in some yellow coloured bistro lights or string lights and hang them across the area. Alternatively, you could choose to light up the space with some candles.

bistro-lightsimage source: Apartment Therapy 

4. Place a comfy rug 

There are times when you walk out bare feet, strolling just like you were when inside. So why not place a comfy rug to welcome you? Instead of choosing monotones, look for happy patterns instead. The idea is to kind of carpet the entire patio.

rug-for-patioimage source: Real Living 

5. Play around with the flooring 

If you think having a rug or a carpet needs maintenance that you just can’t keep up with, play with the flooring instead. Choose patterned tiles to spruce up this space instantly in a colour theme that complements your indoor decor.


6. Set some fun (but serious) rules 

Who says wall decor is only for the inside of your house? Choose happy quotes or create your very own list of rules for the patio. Personally, we love the raw boarded up look instead of the usual framed wall hangings.


7. Get yourself some bright cushions 

The idea of decorating your patio is to make it comfortable enough for you to want to spend time. So it automatically means that it shouldn’t just look good, but be comfortable as well if you do decide to sit outside. Don’t let your seating go barren and bring in some colourful cushions to add happiness to this space!

pillows-and-cushionsimage source: Coastal Home Pillows

8. Don’t forget the shade 

Patios aren’t just meant to be used in winters or be restricted to only evening because the sun just seems to shine all too bright during the day. Use Venetian blinds or curtains to create the little shade you might want to control on a sunny day! But ensure that you aren’t blocking out the natural light completely.


What does your patio look like?

Don’t forget to share with us more decor ideas by simply dropping a comment below! 🙂


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