The Very Simple & Beautiful “Wicker”


Light-weighted, easy-to-maintain and extremely comfortable – these are the main qualities of wicker furniture. When it comes to wicker decor accents, you know that they will effortlessly instill an air of elegance in your home. Wicker, as a material, is urbane despite carrying a charm of being a bit rustic.

Even though not many people use wicker in their homes, this woven fibre is sturdy and hardly goes out of style. It suits all weathers – except heavy monsoons which can brutally damage the material if left out for long.

If you want to give using wicker in your home a shot, then get ready for a few massive doses of inspiration:

1. Home decor is incomplete without wicker.

The use of accents such as wicker vases, baskets and lamps can easily introduce simple, sans drama beauty to any corner of the home with ease. It is easy to jazz up the spaces with such eclectic finds that effortlessly capture the splendour of any decor.


2. Prep up your bedroom with wicker.

The woven fabric can add a sense of warmth in your slumber sanctuary. Place little pieces of furniture in wicker such as stools, settees and coffee tables all across the room. Set a comfortable scene with these pretty, glamorous finds.


3. Spruce up your dining setting

An elegant dining table made of glass and wicker is a lovely attraction at your home. Speaking from the point-of-view of maintaining it, wicker is the easiest fabric to clean. It hardly ever loses its sheen. And the better you take care of it, the longer it will stay with you. You will never regret the decision of having wicker in your home.


4. It’s an “outdoorsy” pick.

What is the first thing you see when you close your eyes and think of your garden? An area adorned with green grass and elegant wicker furniture? Absolutely! Believe it or not – wicker offers the right balance of prettiness and brawniness and hence, is a perfect addition to your outdoor space.


5. It’s perfect for your relaxation zone

Imagine a comfort corner in your home which is decorated with beautiful wicker. A chair and a coffee table made of wicker are enough to furnish the space in the most visually delightful manner ever. Oh, and let’s not forget about how beautiful the space will look.

6. Wicker adds oodles of charm to your living room

Definitely! It brings out the earthiness of your living room. The best feature of this kind of furniture that is always in style – no matter what! Put on a gorgeous display of comfy sofas, chairs and coffee tables for your guests. It’s a simple yet a classy way of decorating a space.


What are your thoughts on this? Drop in your comments! 🙂


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