Design Tips That Will Make Your Home Office More Motivating

home office - be your own motivation

With the increasing trend of working remotely or as well call it, work-from-home, home offices have become a common thing to have. Whether you have a plush apartment with separate room dedicated to work or a corner in your bedroom that serves as your work spaces, home offices are definitely a thing.

But like everything else, they tend to get boring at times. So what does one do? Move out and look for a full-time job again? No.

We think you can turn your home office into a motivating space that is full of so much positive energy, that you wouldn’t mind going back to it day after day!

Pick a room with a view 

A little bit of natural lighting does no one any harm. So pick a room that has a window you could place your work desk next to. Let the little sunlight seep in through your curtains. Keep your work desk as minimalistic as possible. If you have to keep a few books and other work collaterals around you, choose to turn a corner into your storage space with tall bookcases.


Be your own motivation 

Sometimes you just need that colleague to tap on your shoulder and remind you how you can get through the day! But once you start working from home and everything goes digital, you need to become your own motivation. So don’t hesitate on hanging a few framed quotes that will keep you inspired in your home office space.


Choose some happy colours 

The whole idea of working from home, is to be your own boss. Work at times you like and can manage, work from places that you prefer – in this case, your home office. So don’t think twice before using some happy colour themes in this space. You’re not sitting in someone else’s work space and you don’t need to think about what others consider of your choices. What makes you happy, will keep you going!


Invest in a plush chair 

Remember how you had to get up from your work desk at office to stretch every now and then, because the chairs were far from comforting? Well, you don’t have to go through the same at your home office. So invest in a nice plush chair that wouldn’t turn you sore on a day of long working hours! (Although, we do recommend walking around and stretching every now and then)


Create smart storage spaces 

Just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean you will have all your files and paperwork scattered over the floor. You need to be as organized in your approach towards work as you were when working from an office. So create smart storage spaces based on the number of things you require for work and categorise them according to what you need frequently.


Don’t forget to keep your dreams close by 

The one thing that will always keep you going, are your life goals and dreams. So create a dream or vision board for yourself and place it in your work space – somewhere where all you need to do, is turn for motivation.


Remember to keep this space manageable! You don’t want to end up spending more hours cleaning it up every other day amidst all the work you already had. 😉


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