5 Bedroom Decorating Mistakes Just About Everyone Makes


A bedroom is that one place that you can exclusively call ‘mine’ because that’s where you would be spending most of your time when you’re home or once you reach home. Who doesn’t relate to switching on the best of lighting and crashing on the bed to binge watch movies on weekends?

But trying to add a bit of our personality to the bedroom, we often end up making it look all too cluttered or as interior designers would like to call it, ‘making decorating mistakes’. Here are the 5 most common bedroom decorating mistakes we all make.

1. Adding your workspace to the bedroom

While it is inevitable for some (me included), designers believe that you shouldn’t include your workspace in the bedroom because this space is only meant for relaxing – not working. But if you really do have no choice, pick a corner of your room that can be turned into an exclusive work area. Choose functional furniture so that it doesn’t take up much of your bedroom space and make it look like another work area where you are constantly running on deadlines.


2. Blindly trying to follow all design inspirations 

We all tend to get inspired by the innumerous Instagram and Pinterest posts on decor – to be honest, who wouldn’t? But pro designers believe you shouldn’t be shelling out half of your monthly pay on simply upscaling the room decor. Choose styles that don’t just resonate with your personality, but also suit your budget. Look for alternatives before deciding on any decor aspect. For example, if you’re looking at bringing in a plush headboard for your bed, you could alternatively choose a nice wallpaper or recycled wood to do the same!

3. The colour you choose for your walls 

Just because you’re obsessing over a colour, doesn’t mean you should paint your world with it – no, we mean just your bedroom in this case. The colour of your walls impacts the way the rest of your decor looks. It has the power of making your space look all too cluttered or spacious, cozy or too cold, and even impacting your mood! For instance, designers believe that the colour red is actually said to bring in a hostile mood to the bedroom.


4. Your choice of bedding 

Here’s the thing about your bedroom, your bed is very – very – very important! So the bedding obviously does matter a lot. Everything in your room should add to its comfort, so don’t forget to pick out bedsheets, bedcovers, cushions and more that don’t just add some style to the space, but are super soft too!

5. Picking the right mattress 

Continuing on our point above, your bed just needs to be comfortable. But if you’re getting inspired by hotel rooms, beware! You don’t want to bring in those extra plush, bouncy mattresses as they might end up hampering your back and neck. Look for the right kind of sleeping mattress – even if you have to shell out a little more budget for it!


Are you making any of these silly mistakes while decorating your bedroom?


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