Raise Your Home’s Style Quotient With Red

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you think of the colour “red”? Bold? Passionate? Fiery? Don’t you agree that whether it is a red hot lipstick or a beautiful red wall – things automatically come alive?

Red, as you will agree, is known to shake off the dullness of a specific interior and create a lively and thriving decor in all homes. If you want to playfully elevate the intensity or style of any nook or cranny of your house, then the colour red offers the ultimate solution.

So if you are planning to experiment a bit with this gorgeous, luscious colour, then wait no more. Let us usher you in the realm of interior designing that loves all things red:

Go easy-peasy with red

We get it if you say you are madly in love with red. It’s a lovely colour. Anyone can fall in love with it. But that doesn’t mean you go completely wild while using it in your home. Paint a wall in red, but keep the rest of the decor in shades of white or any other light colour.


Add pops of cherry in the guise of cushions, linen and area rugs to name a few. Your room will brighten up effortlessly!

Toy with the right shade

Like other colours, red too has multiple tones and shades. And they are all aesthetically appealing in their own way. Therefore, it is important for you to understand which shade of red will enhance the beauty of the place and with which colour.


Mix ‘n’ match and make your own combinations if you don’t want to play by the book. But make sure the setting looks gorgeous – just how you want it. Don’t overdo it. Otherwise the whole area may look garish. What are your thoughts on this?

Keep the fusion colourful and happy

Red looks amazing with a multitude of colours such as white, green, blue, gold, yellow and orange. You can easily combine it with any one of these colours to create a space that screams “style” and “comfort”. Trust us – the results will be amazing. Red and gold is a brilliant fusion, for instance. It defines boldness yet luxury.


Similarly, red and blue together make a playful pair. Red and orange, if used in the right shades, can make any space look neat and bright. If not used properly, they can even convert the space ugly and garish – so be careful!

So yes – please go ahead and add intrigue to your home with this attractive colour. After all, it is all about satisfying the palette of an interior designer in you with a smart, stylish & convenient use of red.


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