6 Simple Ways To Bring Good Luck To Your House


As we always say, home is where the heart is and there shouldn’t ever be a day when you have to think twice about making it better. From the decor to every little aspect you bring home, it should not just reflect your personality but do you good. And by do you good, we mean it should definitely add to your luck! (We could at least try!) 

Here are those 6 little ways we think each and every one of us should try bringing luck home with.

1. Paint your door happy 

Yes, we said it! Your door doesn’t need to be the standard wooden looking, white or black in colour. According to fengshui, you should paint your doors based on the direction they are in. South facing doors should be painted in reds or oranges, north facing doors should be blue or black, west facing doors should be in greys or whites and east facing doors should either be brown or green.

painted doors

2. Bring in some dreamcatchers 

Dreamcatchers aren’t just a pretty little thing that people add to their houses. If you read about them, you would realise the importance and meaning they hold. According to the Native American cultures the dreamcatchers belong to, hanging this pretty thing in a bedroom or any place you tend to sleep in, protects you from having bad dreams.


3. Always have some fresh flowers 

There are some people who bring in flowers merely for the freshness they bring to any space. For that matter, according to fengshui it is believed that keeping fresh flowers on display brings good fortune to your home. But it is also advised that you avoid bringing in thorny stems in your arrangements.


4. Bring in some furniture flow 

It is believed that the flow you create in a room is said to define the energy it radiates. So create a circular flow with the furniture in a room – can be best followed in a living room, we say. This helps create a flow of endless energy in the space. If we’re looking at bedrooms, then placing your bed diagonally from the door can help bring in luck to the person who occupies it.


5. Yes, the horse shoe is a must 

According to a lot of cultures, hanging a horse shoe above the door is said to bring good fortune to a home. While there are some that believe pointing it upwards ensures luck doesn’t run out, there are others who say keeping it facing downwards showers fortune on whoever passes through that doorway. If you follow a specific culture, we’d say you should most definitely check with what it has to say about the placement!


6. Clean up your house! 

Yes, this is the one you have been fearing! One of the easiest way to bring in luck to your home, is to declutter it. You don’t have to buy anything or wreck your head on the placement of things, just spend some time every day cleaning every room.

It’s your home and even if you don’t believe in fengshui, having these little things around would do no harm!


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