5 Ways To Hang That Pretty Art


Who doesn’t love a little art in the house? Right? Well, believe it or not, it instantly refreshes a dull area, an unused space and the overall ambiance of a home! Just one tiny piece of art can introduce oodles of personality to a specific corner and you will completely agree with us!

An art piece is a self-assuring home accent and the best part is you can never go wrong with it – no matter how and where you place it. You don’t have to be an art collector to enjoy the “beauty of art”.

And even if you understand how hanging or placing beautiful artwork can instill high style in your home, it is equally important for you to be acquainted with a certain set of décor dos and don’ts. So take a breath and read on:

1. One huge artwork, one empty wall

Yup – that’s all you need to make quite an impression. See, if you place a large painting on the wall, it will immediately become the focal point in the room. Imagine how authoritative the piece of art would look? We are sure it will certainly grab some major eyeballs.


In fact, in the scheme of things, a huge painting can make a bold statement in your home. But don’t you worry – as long as you keep other décor accents at bay, that single wall will come alive effortlessly. Go ahead and try it out for yourself.

2. Experiment with the placement of the artwork

It’s your artwork, it’s your home. So it is a given the rules will be yours too. Place a group of paintings over the bed or one of the feature walls of your home. Keep switching places if you tend to get bored with one location.


Lend a quirky and fresh appeal to your home and at the same time, make sure you don’t go too far as the décor is concerned. The entire setting should look prim and proper – if nothing else.

3. Think out-of-the-box and mix ‘n’ match

Why not? What’s the harm in that? Whether it is a portrait or a landscape, the artwork can commit no décor crime. If you want to complete the setting with a couple of other décor accents, it is fair enough.


As long as you are happy doing that space, the purpose is served. Add a pinch of playfulness in that area with art and artisanal finds. You will love the end result – trust us!

4. Wall is just one option

Yes, it is. We agree that wall is the most preferred location to place a piece of art, however it is not the only option. Place a small painting on a bathroom shelf or on the kitchen slab. Your home is your oyster. We feel as long as you have no trouble keeping the area cleaned, a painting can beautify any space!



Hanging one on the porch or just outside the door is also not a bad idea. The only issue is how comfortable you are. The ball is in your court, readers!

5. Let the artwork “feature”

If you have a feature wall in reds, browns, blues or yellows, hang a painting. No seriously – just do it! This is a brilliant idea especially when you have absolutely no clue in regards to this. There’s no way you can go wrong with this placement – trust us!


Hang any painting and make that entire wall area a marvel to behold. You will be impressed with your decoration skills. And the house will look so beautiful.

Pieces of art invariably bring forth a disarming mix of grace, simplicity and panache. Now tell us – how difficult is it to buy art and flaunt it in your home?


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