5 Eye Catching Floor Lamps We Are Crushing Over This Week


Lighting plays a very important role in home decor. It can practically make or break all your efforts towards beautifying your house. Too less and everything will look so subdued like they don’t exist; too much and the beauty of your master piece in any room is at the risk of losing its charm. But we have always loved lights – they don’t just brighten up the place for us, but are also what we call our go-to decor item.

So here are 10 floor lamps that we have been crushing over this week and contemplating purchasing almost each one of them – well, provided we make more room in our houses!

1. Oh, this tripod!

If you know me, you’d have probably already guessed that I am the typical noob photographer who carries their iPhone around clicking whatever they come across. Don’t believe me? Check out my profile here: VanhishikhaB. This lamp somehow doesn’t just appeal to the photographer in me, but also matches my eclectic tastes!

tripod floor lamp

Where can you find similar lamps?

2. Metallic ball of sass!

We don’t know about you, but we’re absolutely in love with metallic home decor because a little bit of glitter hurts no one! This gum-ball floor lamp in metallic copper is perfect to add a little bit of bling, yet warmth to any space. What’s more? You can use this as a spotlight for a master piece in any room.

metallic gumball lamp

Where can you find similar lamps?

3. The boho chic

If you have been following our posts, you would already know that we’re crazy about the bohemian style of decorating homes. And when we come across a floor lamp that matches our boho soul, we obviously list it down as our favourite! The best part about these lamps is that you can experiment with just about anything – as long as it looks carefree and of course, adds to your theme.


Where can you find similar lamps?

4. Hello there, minimalism!

Minimalistic is the way to go with modern homes these days. People want their rooms to look spacious and at the same time, functional and chic. Floor lamps tend to take some ground space – the reason why many people find wall alternatives. But this one here, is absolutely perfect even if you have a spec crunch!


Where can you find similar lamps?

5. The oh-so-different!

If you’re willing to experiment a bit from what you usually see in magazines and decor blogs, this one is for you. While binge browsing floor lamps, we came across a few that were oh-so-different! Certainly a category of floor lamps we’d like to consider to give our homes a unique look and a bit of our own personality. Also, these might take up some space but some of these could be multi-utility.


Where can you find similar lamps?

Floor lamps need to be picked wisely. The space available to you should play an important part in the decision you make, so take your time picking out the rest of your decor first. Once you know the floor space available to you, go out seeking a floor lamp that suits your theme the best!

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