Decor Design Rules You CAN Ignore

If you are planning to revamp your house, then we understand how anxious you are right now. The fact you don’t want to make any mistakes while decorating your humble abode is not a joke and you want to get things done seriously.

So the point is decorating a house is not an easy task. Apart from the suggestions of your friends and family that are thrust upon you, there are “interior design trends of the year” that give you sleepless nights – not that you should not keep yourself abreast yourself with the latest.

But as they say rules are meant to be broken and you really can’t play by the books every time you change a piece of furniture – can you? Keeping that thought in mind, it’s time to actually overlook past few such rules. Read on:

1. Matching everything in the bedroom

There’s no need for you to have a wallpaper, drapes, bed linen and furniture to be of the same colour. When you never completely dress up in orange, why torture your bedroom? Yes – we know that it is easy to not use your brain and apply the same colour scheme everywhere.


But really – does that solve any purpose? No, it doesn’t! It makes your bedroom look gaudy or unattractive. So mix ‘n’ match colours, experiment a little. The results will be fabulous!

2. Not mixing new items with old ones

Why not? It’s great to mix and match the old with the new. It gives depth to the overall look of your space. For instance, a vintage mirror can instantly add a regal feeling to the room. So the next time you feel you want to decorate a space with an old and a new furniture piece – go ahead.


Trust us – if you do it right, your home will look absolutely fresh and attractive. Plus, the whole process will not bore you.

3. Every room should have a theme

No – why? Your house is your paradise, not a circus with different themes. Of course, every room should have its look and feel. But that doesn’t mean that you go overboard with the colour and decorative accessories.


So keep it to a minimum and plan the schemes well. Don’t overdo your decor experiments. Whether it is having a feature wall or opting for a specific theme for your kid’s bedroom – there’s a lot to toy with.

4. Small room means small furniture

No! A small room doesn’t need to have a huge study table or a sofa set and nothing else – that’s not true. It’s all about prioritizing. You can place a number of tiny pieces of furniture in a small space – and still make it look uncluttered and neat.


Another way is to use the “minimalism” approach. Use collapsible furniture that can be pushed, shoved or hidden from plain sight whenever there is a requirement. The point is “less furniture means less clutter” and this arrangement is perfect when you want something extremely low maintenance!

5. Excessive use of area rugs is a no-no

Contrary to popular belief, area rugs bring a lot of warmth to the space. In fact, they soften the look of the floor and simply add style! They keep the house clean and this works well for you – if you have a hectic lifestyle and don’t have much time to clean the house every now and then.


The best part is you can go for so many designs – printed, textured or graphical. There is so much to experiment with and it is nice to change the scene on the floor every once a while – isn’t it?

However, despite all the pros, using too many rugs where there are small kids is not a bright idea. So choose well.

6. Painting the ceiling is a good idea

Not exactly. If you use dull colours such as lavender or gray, it might not give you the desired results. Therefore, use bright hues such as canary yellow and bold orange. You can apply a wallpaper on the ceiling as that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.


In short, be your own expert. There’s nothing more exciting than setting up your own house!


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