How to Boho-fy Your Living Room: 10 Boho-Chic Decor Ideas We Love

boho living room decor

The living room of your house should reflect the style that you truly relate to – the interests in your life, colours you really like and the patterns that make you go ‘wow’ every time!

If mix ‘n’ match has always been your thing and authentic is what you’re looking for, Bohemian is the theme to go for. Bohemian living rooms feature distinctive colours, various ethnic patterns on different textures, different pieces of furniture and of course, unexpected decorative items that have a character of their own.

But to get the boho-chic energy in your living space isn’t just about how creatively you can curate these things. It is also about putting it all together in the right way. So here are so bohemian living room decor ideas we absolutely love and you would to!

1. This absolutely tropical bohemian living room

We absolutely love this ‘put together’ for the living room. Apart from the carefree vibes it gives off, the greens make it look all too tropical and fresh. Perfect to spend an entire day lounging with a good book, we say!

tropical boho living room
image courtesy: Dot & Bo

2. This absolutely minimalistic boho living room

If you’re the kinds who’d rather have lesser things to maintain and yet love the bohemian culture, this one is for you. The leather textured sofa here gives the living room a raw look and the mixed patterns used on cushions, and the rug give the space the boho-air!

minimalistic boho living room
image courtesy: Instagram

3. This colourful bohemian living room

The bold play of colours in this living room is what makes it absolutely unique! The hints of greens and pinks over the rugs, colour and pattern play on the furniture and the natural light streaming in, gives this bohemian living room a charming appearance altogether!

colourful bohemian living room
image courtesy: Mix and Chic

4. This oh-so-cool boho living room

Boho decor isn’t just about using different colours and patterns on different textures. It is about creating a pop effect that gives an edgy look to the space. The pop art pieces, arranged absolutely symmetrically, make for the centre piece of this living room. The right kind of lighting, mixed and matched cushions and the purple rug bring in a modern boho look!

cool bohemian living room
image source: Lonny

5. This extremely edgy boho living room

Continuing on our tip above of being edgy when it comes to boho decor, why leave your walls alone? Choose an eccentric wall accent or wallpaper that will complement your overall boho decor. Get moody while looking for inspiration – dark or light, this is your space to play!

edgy bohemian living room
image source: Minakani

6. This vintage inspired bohemian living room

Every piece in this living room is carefully curated to create a vintage look. The bright colours and bold prints add a character to each of the pieces, and the bright green door in raw wood serves as the perfect wall decor.

image courtesy: Decoholic

7. This modernistic bohemian living room

Modern homes are all about minimalism. But if you love the bohemian culture, why stop yourself? This living room here uses white to create a base for the pop colours and patterns it uses for cushions and the floor seating. The wooden centre table adds a cottage-like raw look to the space as well.

modern bohemian decor
image courtesy: Nordic Design

8. This absolutely comfy-looking boho living room

Bohemian culture is all about a little bit of everything in the right proportions. This living room here clubs together the carefreeness, tropical decor elements and minimalism – creating a boho aura at the same time. We love how the floor cushions are ‘just there’! Imagine having a get-together with your friends here!

comfortable bohemian living room
image courtesy: Bloglovin’

9. This monochromatic boho living room

Boho decor doesn’t need to be about infusing way too many colours in a space. You can create the look using your favourite monochromes as well! Just remember to play with texture and patterns while doing so. We personally prefer geometric patters over others. And don’t forget to bring in those ottomans to create some ‘casual seating’.

monochrome boho living room
image courtesy: Decoholic

10. This carefully curated eccentric boho living room

While some might think that there are way too many things in this living room, we say the place has a positive vibe to itself! Using different colours, patterns, small green plants and posters, this living room too nails to boho-chic look. We absolutely love the swap for a centre table and the one seater swing in the corner!

adorable curated boho living room
image courtesy: Brit Morin

Love bohemian decor and need more ideas to revamp your space? Simply drop us a message on Facebook and we’ll happy to share notes!

Got an inspiring boho decor to show? Feel free to link us to it! ๐Ÿ˜€



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