How To Make Your Home Green & Pretty

If you want to instill spots of greenery in your house, you don’t need any rhyme or reason to do so. Green pots and plants spin a web of freshness across homely spaces – and you are just right if you want all that! For a fresh green palette in any room, one can combine the nutritional values of herbs with coolness and tranquility – qualities well associated with plants!


So if you are longing to get on the ‘green’ bandwagon but are not confident enough to choose and pick convenient indoor natural plants for your home, don’t worry. We are here to help you with everything you need to know about getting started – all to achieve the perfect “green” decor in your home.

You can’t help but agree how a dash of green either in your garden or within the interiors of your house can enrich the space with color and fragrance. In fact, you don’t need to have green fingers to orchestrate an ebb and flow of everything naturally pretty in your humble abode.

In fact, going green is rather easy than it sounds. Here’s how you can set a green scheme in your home:

1. Olive life in the living room

Your living room is a reflection of your tastes and preferences. It is also the first area of your house a guests sees or for that matter, you as well. Therefore, it is necessary to start with this room and lend it a classy touch.


Tiny intricate statues and sculptures, mini succulents and pint-sized cacti can easily add oodles of versatility in the living area. In addition to this, the intriguing assemblage will also make up for a rather wondrous sight.

Just make sure that your plants receive ample direct sunlight at all times. Don’t water these beautiful plants too much. Let the soil dry up thoroughly.

2. Shower your bedroom with ferns

The bedside table always offers enough room to play the part of a nature enthusiast to the fullest. Instead of placing a night lamp on that piece of furniture, beautify the space with a leafy fern plant.


Since your bedroom is a private chamber and requires proper planning and organization of things, make sure you don’t fill the room with planters. Otherwise, it is going to get very tough for you to keep the area clean.

Of course, plants provide a lush hit of nature and instantly act as a striking feature in an otherwise neutral space. But it is always better to plan their placement appropriately. Ferns look regal and if tucked in pretty earthen pots can create the perfect looking area in a flash!


Moreover, ferns are sensitive to light and should be given indirect sunlight only – so you don’t have to worry about that bit! They are extremely easy to maintain. Hence, water these lush specimens when the surface of the soil is dry to the fingers.

3. Decor your kitchen & bath with a green patch

If enjoying a bit of greenery in these two areas of your home is one of your must-do things right now, then take a look at few simple ideas from here:

a. Small spaces: Yup. Space is an issue in both kitchen and bathroom. There is only so much you can do with the area. This is the reason why there is not much to fancy up the two areas. Therefore, windowsill boxes or pots work best on such a minuscule scale.

Plants such as basil can be effortlessly grown in such boxes and pots.

b. How about shelves?: If you are keen on growing a variety of greens, use shelves to do so! These space savers can be hung, tucked nicely on the slab or placed on the floor with utter ease.


c. Recycle, recycle: Another eco-friendly option is to make use of wooden boxes and metal bowls to grow nutritious herbs and veggies. As these containers are movable, you can even change their placement as and when you feel like!


The key is to start slow and steady and not on a large scale. To manage plants, you must be able to make time. Also, halfhearted efforts won’t be of much help. If you crave for a house that is green and healthy, you have to dive into with all your heart. Good luck!


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