Colour Your World In Pastels: Pastel Home Decor Ideas

pastel home decor ideas

If you are one of those who have subscribed to multiple home decor magazines, you must have noticed ‘pastels’ popping up just about everywhere! While pastels are definitely very refreshing and bring a sense of calmness to the space almost instantly, they come off as a little too sickly if not used strategically.

So we decided to share our love for pastels with you, along with some tips that will help you colour your world (home) in the ever-refreshing hues.

Choose pastel coloured furniture

If you’re feeling the slightest bit experimental, switch your regular furniture with some eccentric pieces in pastels. Be it a show rack for your carefully curated pieces, a centre table, a chest of drawers or a bookrack, you can pick them out in different colours for different rooms. Just don’t go overboard with furniture in one room!

pastel furniture
image courtesy: Miss Moss

Bring in pastel coloured wall accents

Even though they take a little while to get done, we absolutely love wall accents. They can make the room stand out without you having to look for wall art or other elements. Create a wall accent with your favourite pastel colours or choose patterned wallpapers in similar shades.

pastel wall accents
image courtesy: Rue Magazine

Spruce up any space with pastel cushions

Our favourite hack to revamp any place instantly, is to use cushions according to the theme we’re trying to follow. Pastel cushions in plains, different patterns, textures or even quotes, can spruce up any space – be it your bedroom, the living room, the lounge area, etc.

pastel cushions
image courtesy: Nordic Days

Pick out a pastel shaded wall art

Probably the best and the easiest to switch way to bring in pastel shades to your house, is to swap those wall arts. Pick out those that use pastel hues mostly and match the overall decor of your space. If you don’t find a piece of art that suits your preference, simply hang up different shaped frames in pastel colours – empty or with pictures of your family!

pastel wall art
image courtesy: Urban Outfitters

Blend it in with similar colours

If you’re trying to achieve a pastel theme in your home, don’t suddenly break it with a colour from a different palette. Always blend in similar colours to avoid looking all too rainbow-y. To break the monotony of pastels all over your house, choose wooden flooring or accents that will further bring in warmth to the space.

pastel home blends
image courtesy: Vogue Living Magazine

Make use of white predominantly

If you want your pastel home decor items to stand out, use white as a predominant base. White walls, white coated furniture pieces etc, will make even a few pastel cushions or a vase full of flowers stand out and make a statement!

pastel white home
image courtesy: The Style Files

Incorporate colour blocking

Can’t seem to decide between two hues? Bring them both in together. Make use of the colour blocking trend to create the right mix between them. For instance, you could pick one of the shades for your wall and the other for your furniture.

pastel colour blocking
image courtesy: Decoist

Switch up the linen

Another easy hack we follow to change the look of a space – especially bedrooms, is to change the linen. Bring in some bedcovers, pillow covers, bedsheets and rugs in pastel shades of your choice. You could again play with plains and patterns or even bring in that tropical look – all as per your liking!

pastel linen 1
image courtesy: H&M

Brighten up your staircase

Who says staircases need to look the usual? If you don’t know where else to bring in pastels or think that your staircase looks a little too jarring in the overall pastel theme, sneak in the hues on the steps. It will make the space look even happier than it did!

pastel staircase
image courtesy: Marie Claire Maison

Change those old curtains

Another good idea to start with when pastelising your home, are the curtains. Choose the lightest of hues that will make the other decor items in the room stand out and make the space look a lot more spacious. If you didn’t know, lighter shades tend to work the best for smaller spaces!

pastel curtains
image courtesy: Home Decorating Ideas

Decorating your home in pastels can take a while. These colours are usually a little hard to find in the market and take time to curate. Don’t compromise on your initial choice of shades. A little time and patience can help you find the best of pastel decor for your home. Yes, just like those magazine inspirations!

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