Tips To Style Your Home With Mirrors

It doesn’t matter where you place one, a mirror will always reflect light, make the room look bigger and open up a room. Who doesn’t want that, right? And even if one owns a cramped up house, it can be easily converted into a spacious abode with the use of mirrors.

A mirror is an extremely versatile decor accessory. Not only does it bring out the look ‘n’ feel of the house, but also holds significance spiritually. So yeah – no matter how you put a mirror for decoration purposes, it lends a completely new outlook to the spaces.

Moreover, the use of mirrors can never add a shabby appeal to the house. The results will always be spectacular – just like the decorative itself! Moving on, here are five super-easy tips to beautify the homely spaces with mirrors:

Mirrored kitchen cabinets

Glass kitchen cabinets can conveniently enlarge the size of the kitchen because these offer more scope for the light to reflect with the spaces. If the colour and texture used in the kitchen furniture is dull, mirrors can instantly perk up the overall decor.


All you have to do is make sure that they are cleaned regularly. Dirty kitchen cabinets are a strict no-no as they would make the kitchen look shabby and dull.

Mirrored closet

There are two ways through which you can benefit from having mirrored glass on this piece of furniture:


  • It adds light to the entire room which, in turn, brings a fresh vibe to the spaces.
  • It works as a vanity mirror for the room – which is a superb add-on as it eliminates the need for an additional mirror in the room.

Here also, you must ensure the mirror is cleaned regularly.

Mirror on top

Although this may sound too experimental in nature, but a quirky way to use mirror as an accessory is to keep it on the top of a furniture – and not just any furniture. It can be placed anywhere in the house depending upon its size – on top of a shelf, a study table, a side cabinet, etc.

Apart from acting as a vanity mirror, a mirror placed like this elevates the design ethos of the space by making it look extra chic and modern.

Mirrored headboard

Mirrored glass as a headboard is just another way of stylizing your bedroom space. It enhances the size of the room and makes it look spacious. Plus, a mirrored headboard gives out a very luxurious vibe.


It reflects back the other half of the room which is quite appealing. A mirrored headboard doesn’t have to have a plain ‘n’ smooth mirror. It can have a textured mirror – something with blocks or embossed designs.

Mirrors in an outdoor area

Decorating the patio or the veranda with a mirror can really perk up the otherwise neglected space. Place a huge mirror on the wall or a small window-like mirror to bring out the overall feel of your outdoor space.



Mirror, mirror on the window

To maintain the focus of the eye in the room, a mirror on the window may sound tacky but it is quite a bold decor move. Place it in the living room or in the bedroom, this decorative will instill an intimate appeal into the spaces.

Where do you suggest placing a mirror in your home? Drop in your comments. We will be happy to know. 🙂


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