Beautify Your Small Home Like A Pro!

beautify your house

There’s nothing better than a small and an easy-to-manage home. Small spaces always spread cozy vibes and that’s definitely the most awesome bit. On a funny note, you can never really forget where you have kept your car keys or any keys for that matter because of its compact size!

But does having a small home means never having much ‘space’ to experiment with furniture, furnishings and other home accents? Nope! There’s a variety of space management solutions that can help you to keep clutter at bay and still maintain a stylish home. Read on:

Want a smart kitchen? Get it!

Opt for storage shelves to stow your kitchen tools in a neat manner. You can even separate your kitchen from the dining corner by using a small wall divider. This way you will have an entire area that is airy and Also, please note that the room divider doesn’t have to be constructed. Just put a stylish shelf wherever you want to make the divider. Easy, isn’t?


You “can” have a home office

Who said that you can’t have a workstation in a tiny home? You can place a study table and chair right inside your bedroom. For stacking your stationery essentials, you can opt for wall shelves. This will not only provide you ample space for you to move around in the bedroom but offer the luxury of having a small workstation in your home!


Play with lighting and how

Dark tones make a home look smaller. Hence, it is important to have a good amount of lighting fixtures in your home to always keep it nice and bright. But don’t go overboard with the lights. Go for big ones where you actually need them. Add soft lights in your bedroom and bathroom.


Use multi-purpose furniture with ease

Foldable beds, futons and dining tables to name a few can be stacked away easily and don’t even demand for a lot of space. The key is to make an accurate assessment of what furniture finds you require and where do you want to place them. In addition to this, make sure that all your furniture pieces are light-weighted and can be easily moved around. The heavier they are, the more difficult it is to move them around as per convenience and likeliness.


May your mirror game be strong

Perhaps, the best and most easy trick of all time in home décor is to use a full-body mirror in the house for expanding the spaces. Since mirror reflects light, the entire nook gets a feeling of getting expanded. In addition to this, mirrors also provide an aesthetic element to the house. So play a wild game with mirrors. Trust us; you will never lose this game.


Put wallpapers or wall decals for more “space”

Please make note that applying wallpapers and wall decals isn’t just the “in” thing. It is a very practical solution too! How? Well, wallpapers draw the attention of the eye away from the complete length of the space and in turn, create the illusion of width. This particularly works well in narrow hallways/corridors. The best part is that you change the wallpapers as per your convenience and taste anytime you wish to.


So the next time you move into a small house or if you are currently living in one, don’t fret! Just remember that the size of the house doesn’t matter. You can make changes, decorate and experiment in your home in whichever you want to.

The key is to assess the space well, choose and pick the right kind of furniture & furnishings and most importantly, have fun!


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