7 Golden Rules For Decorating Any Room

home decorating tips

Are you revamping a room in your house and aiming at achieving that ‘look’ you discovered in a Decor Magazine? And really not interested in hiring one of those interior designers – because, ‘Oh! That’s out of our budget!’

Well, we are in the same boat and after digging into the various approaches that most interior designers take while revamping a space, here’s the truth – they are more strategic than intuitive about what they want to bring in. They pick out every aspect in a certain flow and very, very carefully!

Here are 7 decorating tips from the best of designers in the industry, that will bring life to any room without going wrong even once.

1. Don’t try to pick your wall shade first

wall paint

One of the biggest and the most common mistake we all make, is give our walls a paint job before actually decorating the space. While the approach ‘works’, it isn’t really ‘ideal’. The reason being, each shade looks very different from home to home.

The natural light sources vary and the decor items you finally choose for your house, might not really stand out with the colour you pick. Think about it, how would you know something would look good or what background would suit an artwork the best without first having that artwork?

For all you know, you might just want to choose the usual shades like white or beige, and give the wall an accent using decals instead!

2. Keep some breathing space in the room

We all know what happens when we go furniture or decor items shopping. We tend to get carried away by the beautiful things we see and end up bringing everything home!

Resist overcrowding the space and leave room for moving around. So if you’re on a budget, this one’s going to work wonders for you. Only pick out a few high quality furniture pieces that you require, can be used in multiple ways and will give your room an authentic look.

If we were you, we would have definitely invested in high back chairs as our seaters. Minimal and luxurious at the same time!


3. Create your show stopper

All fashion shows and events have a showstopper, around which the rest of the aspects are modelled. The same should hold true for your home decor.

Decide and create a focal point in your room. Use the decor around as secondary elements to compliment the centre piece. Be it a wall with a stand out artwork or a decor item that you purchased from a special place. If you want it to remain special, work strategically around it!

large artwork

4. Pick the right lighting

Lighting has a big role to play when decorating a room. It make the decor items either look good or look completely compromised. So consider how much natural light the room gets, identify the areas that might need a little ‘extra’ and choose your light pieces accordingly.

You could look for eccentric floor lamps, a few table lamps or spotlight lighting based on the space available to you and what you want to highlight the most.

floor lamp

5. Give it a little personality

You saw a design in a magazine, explored some inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest and decided to bring it home. But if you really want to turn the space into your ‘own’, go bold and give it a little bit of your own personality!

Incorporate unexpected elements of drama in the room. Ottoman seats, ceiling high bookshelves or oversized chandeliers, whatever that would make a guest say, ‘Hey! That’s so you.’

living room bookshelf

6. Hang your wall art at the right height

If you have ever been to art museums or exhibits, you would have realised that no matter how high their walls are, their art work is hung at a particular height. It maintains the average human eye level, which is about 57 inches off the ground.

This is exactly what you need to follow at home as well! Even if your house has high ceilings, follow this rule and you’ll see how much of a difference it makes in the room.

7. Know how to pick the right rug

Rugs and carpets can make a space look infinitely more cozy, and guess what? They are back in home decor trends again!

Bring in a bright rug or one in monotones, based on the rest of the decor you room follows. But remember, to place it right. If it is a smaller rug, choose to use it centrally or in a specific corner. If you’re going from wall to wall, make sure the pattern and texture you choose, doesn’t make the space look ‘heavy’.

living room rugs

There are gazillion other things that go behind magazine or Tumblr looking home decor. So you might want to take your time deciding what you’re looking for, what you’d like to retain for a longer time and what budgets are available to you for the revamping!

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