10 Amazing Ideas To Decorate Your Small Balcony

small balcony decor ideas

Let’s face it, city apartments these days have limited outdoor spaces. A small balcony is the best bet you got to get some fresh and natural air in good weather!

But who says this place needs to look mundane just because it is too ‘small’ for decorating?

Here are 10 small balcony decorating ideas that will make this space go from ‘just another balcony’ to ‘WOW’.

1. Create yourself some DIY seating

Who says you need to have a big budget to decorate your small balcony? You could use old storage crates to create a seating for yourself. Get some cushions, a throw and a small rug to make yourself feel comfy!

crate seating on balcony
image courtesy: Apartment Therapy

2. Make yourself a small cafe

If you enjoy going to cafes on good days and work from there, bring it home! Get yourself some minimal outdoor furniture that fits the size of your balcony. Choose bright colours or pastels for the furniture to make the place look happier. You could mix and match if you like!

outdoor chairs
image courtesy: Paper blog

3. Get yourself some small plants

If you really want to make your outdoors look like ‘outdoors’, bring in some greens or flower plants. Since your balcony is already low on space, use the railings to hang or the wall to hang them instead. Pick out colourful pots to bring in some vibrance to the space!

hang the plants
image courtesy: Cuded Art & Design

Here are the top 10 balcony plants listed out by The Small Garden:

small balcony plants

4. Light it up a little bit

Bring in some string lights or hang up some lamps. Remember you don’t overdo the lighting to keep the space looking ‘warm’.

balcony lights
image courtesy: Apartment Therapy

5. Move out the daybed you got

Take a daybed out to your balcony. Depending on the space available to you, pick a design that won’t make the balcony look all too crowded and still keep you comfortable!


More daybed design ideas here

6. Tile up the balcony floor

The one thing that can instantly change the way your balcony looks, is tiling. Be it colourful tiles or wooden looking ones, tile up the space and watch the space stand out!

balcony tiles
image courtesy: Homed It

7. Use floor cushions for seating

Instead of using chairs or daybeds for seating, you can choose some large floor cushions too. Bring in some in happy colours, a few smaller cushions for support and you have your cozy nook ready!

floor cushions
image courtesy: Buzzfeed

8. Indulge yourself with a swing

Want to get yourself a cozy little nook to read books and enjoy a cup of coffee? Indulge yourself and buy a small cane swing. Hang it from the ceiling and adjust it to your height. Get yourself some comfortable seating for it and you’re done!

balcony swing
image courtesy: Decor Demon

9. Create a beach-y look

Give your balcony a different look altogether by using a hammock instead of the usual seating. Plus it will also save you some floor space in the balcony!

balcony hammock
image courtesy: Apartment Therapy

10. Get yourself a dreamy canopy

Create a dreamy canopy for yourself in the balcony and make a seating below it. Great to sit out on a sunny day without having to squint!

canopy seating
image courtesy: Paperblog

Don’t let your balcony look sad. It is going to bring down the overall look of your house!

Didn’t find an idea here and would like to discuss some more? Simply drop us a message on our Facebook Page and we’ll be happy to discuss! 




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